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Commercial Roofs

Whether you’re a small business owner or a Fortune 500 Company, RTS Roofing can help with the most economical roofing solution available to fit your needs. Give us a call and experience personal service, attention to detail and reliable time frames.

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Residential Roofs

We have 30 years experience in residential roofing industry providing our customers great service and great quality. Call us today for your free estimate. 512.769.1050.

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Rain and Water Damage

Rain and water damage is often overlooked and will usually not show up until the sheet rock is wet or water is dripping from the walls or ceiling. Most common leaks develop from wind, hail, ice back up, faulty workmanship, or inadequate flashing’s installed. A... read more

Wind Damaged Roof

A wind damaged roof usually if severe enough will also constitute replacement by your homeowner’s insurance policy.  Wind damaged roofs can develop into severe problems if not addressed quickly.  The most common mistake is when the shingles blow off, leaving a black... read more

Inadequate Ventilation Damage

Lack of ventilation is more common than you would think, and this is a silent killer when it comes to roofing.  When a roof is under ventilated, it heats up and condensates from the inside out, similar to a cold glass of water on a hot day.  In a severe situation, the... read more

Hail Damaged Roof

A hail damaged roof is usually replaceable by your homeowner’s insurance policy.  The most common mistake made is when the homeowner wasn’t present when the storm occurred and doesn’t see any damage from the ground.  Hail damage starts off sometimes small and can grow... read more

Solar Roof Ventilation Systems

Allowing your attic to breathe is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy, energy efficient home. Without proper ventilation, radiant heat and moisture work together to cause a variety of problems, resulting in higher energy bills, mold outbreaks, and the... read more

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When planning any home improvement project, it’s always good to contact your local city building department, and your homeowner association.