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Choosing a Contractor

  2. INTERVIEW THE COMPANY AND THE INDIVIDUAL.  Do they know what they are doing or did they just start the job for a company with a well known name? Remember that this person will be your contact throughout the installation process in most cases.
  3. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND CHECK OUT THEIR TRACK RECORD. How long have they been doing business under their assumed name? Be aware that there are a lot of roofing companies that change their name every few years and start fresh because of bad reviews, poor quality work, warranty issues etc. Every roofing company that joins the Better Business Bureau gets an A rating to start, so look for an A+.
  4. PROVIDE YOUR INSURANCE DOCUMENTS TO YOUR CONTRACTOR. Your contractor will know what items are in need of repair and what items your insurance company is willing to pay to repair. This is where your contractor can help you get the best possible outcome. Don’t play the guessing game! This almost always turns out to be a disaster and will never save you money. The contractor does not know the scope of work and no one has any idea what was paid for by your insurance company and what was not. In most cases if you choose a reputable contractor, they will have creative ways to help with the deductible. Remember that the insurance companies will divide your settlement payment into two checks. So without proper documentation to receive your depreciation or hold back payment, you will ultimately be paying more than your deductible because you will not receive your final payment from your insurance company.
  5. GETTING STARTED. SIGNING THE CONTRACT. Never do anything without a contract. A simple contract will ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect. We usually will add the insurance adjustment as an addendum or will write all worked performed as per insurance adjustment and put the claim # on the sales agreement. This way you’re covered and if the adjustment changes, so does the contract.
  6. WARRANTY? Be careful. The warranty should be on the contract. Don’t fall for getting it mailed to you later. Also, don’t fall for the idea that the manufacturer is going to warrant and guarantee your roof. This happens all the time to highly educated people. The manufacturer’s warranty clearly states that if the roof is not installed properly, or if there is any storm recorded that has occurred near you that exceeds the limits of their product like large hail or high winds, the warranty is void. They will however cover any manufacturer defects that you can prove? Good luck with that one and it is a lengthy process. So if you are accredited by a manufacturer, that basically means you use their materials and have reached out to the manufacturer’s representative and signed up.
  7. PAYMENT TERMS. Once you have signed your contract and have set a date for install you should sign your first check from the insurance company over to your contractor. This will help lock in your install date. In most storm seasons, the shingle suppliers are booked out for weeks. It is very difficult to book a date for install on a promise. Remember in most cases the first check in doesn’t even cover your material needed to complete the job.
  8. INSTALL DAY AND FINAL INSPECTION. You should be in contact with your roofer throughout the process. On install day your roofer should be around to make sure things are going smoothly. We usually stop in the morning and make sure we are making good progress and handle any unknown issues that may arise and then stop again around noon to check on progress. Final inspection…it is imperative that your roofer looks at your roof and does a final inspection! I can tell you this is why RTS Roofing is A+ rated with the BBB, does maintenance on their facility, and has nothing but good reviews. This is where everyone else falls short. This will save you a lot of headaches and catch problems before they happen.


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